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  1. G9: Smooth Lead Patch
  2. G9: Boss DS-1 (Keeley) Patch
  3. G9: 2 Metal Patches
  4. G-Series Pedals - Custom Patches
  5. G7: Bluesy Fender Twin Patch
  6. G2: Thick & Heavy Patch
  7. G7: Classic Rock/Heavy Patch
  8. G2: High Gain, 5150 (Children of Bodom) Patch
  9. G9: Al Dimeola & Marshall Patch
  10. Exchanging patches between G7 and G9
  11. G2: Rock/Hard Rock Patch
  12. Patch Change Problem
  13. Zoom G2 patch format
  14. G9: 70's Fusion Patch
  15. How to Install a New Patch?
  16. Help with patches
  17. petrucci patch for g9.2tt
  18. G7: Knopfler & Gilmour Patches (help)
  19. G9: Clean & Lead Patch
  20. My patch editor crashed!!! Argh!!!!
  21. Easier Patch Sharing
  22. G7: Whale Emulation Patch
  23. G7: Sitar Simulation Patch
  24. G7: Satriani, Midnight Patch
  25. G9: Mesa Shredder Patch
  26. G9: Zakk Wylde, Suicide Messiah Patch
  27. G7: Bluesy Lead Patch
  28. G2: Satriani, AWM/AWY Patch
  29. How do you read a patch???
  30. G9: Hughes & Kettner Triamp MkII Patch
  31. Libarian question
  32. where can i download patches g7!
  33. G7: Chris Tomlin, Unchanging Patch
  34. READ ME: About the ZOOM MFX PatchXchange
  35. G9: Plexi Crunch Patch
  36. G9: Gary Moore, Still Got The Blues Patch
  37. G9: Dry & Chunky High Gain Patch
  38. G9: Steve Vai (Whitesnake Era) Patch
  39. G9: Rush Clean Patch
  40. G9: Megadeth Holy Wars Patch
  41. G9: Metallica Ride the Lightning
  42. G7: Chris Tomlin, Not to Us Patch
  43. G7 Causemoes Slide
  44. G9: HK Triamp patch for rock
  45. G9: Marshall sound for rock
  46. Hank Marvin Patches
  47. G2: Pls help me have descent sound 4 my solo
  48. G2: Have some requests
  49. G9 how to use editor
  50. Wanted: reggae patch G9
  51. G7 and G9 Patch Converter
  52. G2 Acoustic
  53. G7: U2, Streets
  54. G7: David Crowder Band, Rain Down
  55. 1st try at a general purpose low gain classic rock sound
  56. g7 petrucci clean sound
  57. G9 cabinet sims, off or on?
  58. zoom G2 patch for Sweet child o mine GNR
  59. G7: She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)
  60. G7: Rain (The Cult)
  61. G7: Li'l Devil (The Cult)
  62. G7: Vintage AC/DC
  63. G7: Caroline (Status Quo)
  64. Some thoughts regarding patch creation/sharing
  65. G9:Looking for a Winger Patch.
  66. Delay (G7)
  67. Help for G9
  68. You only get out what you put in!
  69. G2 : new owner,couple of reqs and some thoughts
  70. G7: Need a Paul Gilbert Patch
  71. Help a Zoomie Beginner please.
  72. problems with Zoom G7.1UT
  73. G9: KP's Clean Blues
  74. G9: KP's '59 Rock
  75. G9: KP's JCM Rock
  76. G9: KP's Big Bottom
  77. G9: KP's Heavy Metal
  78. G9: KP's Hype Rhythm & Hype Lead
  79. G7 Brown Rock Sound
  80. Just some G7 patch, can't have clean sound with usb audio...
  81. G7&G9 Export full library...
  82. G7: Pride (U2)
  83. G7: British Metal
  84. G9: Shredder's Delight Patch
  85. G7 - Bluesy vintage tone, 60s/70s rock, country or blues
  86. Zoom g2 USer
  87. G2 : Going for gilmour
  88. G7 ZZ Top (Gimme all Your Lovin')
  89. G7 Monster (The Automatic)
  90. G7 Orange Crush (REM)
  91. G7 Hollywood Nights (Bob Seger)
  92. G7 Feel Like Makin' Love (Bad Company)
  93. G9 patch: Faith No More
  94. G7 patch : satriani : just like lightnin'
  95. G7 patch : satriani : Is there love in space
  96. G9 Patch/Info Request! - Auto Volume Swell (ala DL4)
  97. G9: Need Alter Bridge's "Broken Wings" clean and d
  98. G7: Nylon String Patch ?
  99. G7 : Metalica / kill 'em all
  100. new tones from Zoom!!
  101. G2: my lead patch
  102. G7/G9: Advanced Expression Pedal Settings...
  103. G9: Lead Patch (Recording)
  104. G9 tone test files
  105. G9: Black Sabbath
  106. G9 heavy test
  107. Country patches
  108. G9: Steve Vai Passion And Warfare Tone Needed
  109. Help with Smooth Lead tone on G7
  110. sweet tones
  111. Clean Delays and sweet coruses
  112. G9 Steve Vai : K'm-Pee-Du-Wee
  113. G2 Patches
  114. G9 patch : Eagles : Help !
  115. G7 - Shred (probably too obscure but check anyways)
  116. Patchhelp
  117. hillsong patches
  118. Trey Anastasio tone needed
  119. Any good G7 Acoustic Guitar patches
  120. G7 - Oasis Patch
  121. G7 - Chili's/Frusciante Patch
  122. G9 Marshall sounds & Vai tone found :)
  123. HELP: Can't Stop
  124. Gary Moore patch...lost!
  125. Any Eric Johnson or Hendrix Patches?
  126. G9: All patches till now in a single file!
  127. Looking for G2 patches
  128. Looking for some malmsteen patches
  129. Request: Santana for G9.2tt
  130. For the love of god patch
  131. Bosstones patches?
  132. G9 Patches
  133. G2: Steve Vai - For The Love of God Request
  134. patches for gfx-1
  135. Cool Robot sound for G7
  136. G7 Rickenbacker sound
  137. G7 Rolling stones - can't you hear me knocking overdrive.
  138. funky patch for G7
  139. Please help - getting a few sounds for my G7
  140. Help needed: Nailing the slash sound (G9)
  141. Patch setting - Blake Aaron
  142. suggest me
  143. Beta Version of Patches-Exchange site
  144. G1 Patches
  145. REQUEST: Joe Satriani 'If I Could Fly' G7.1ut
  146. Request : podxt jumped plexi/sexy plexi for zoomG9.2tt
  147. G7 Guns'n'Roses Patch
  148. G7: ACDC Highway to **** patch
  149. G7: Greenday HOLIDAY
  150. G7: Carlos Santana Europa
  151. G7: The shadows Apache
  152. Zep Patches anyone ?
  153. Pedal value
  154. any eric johnson tone? for g7.1ut
  155. G9 Blank Master
  156. Request: Kiko Loureiro Patch
  157. Cowboys from H**l Patch for G7.1ut?
  158. Zoom G7.1ut - Laney GH100L sounding patches
  159. G9: Brian May Last Horizon Patch
  160. need shredder's delight patch
  161. Patch Muse Hysteria for G7
  162. Shine On for G7 patch
  163. Shine On phaser tone - for G7
  164. I challenge you...
  165. Rammstein patch anyone?
  166. Patches from Eric Vandenberg
  167. Patches for G9.2tt+Atomic amp?
  168. Request: this modern love
  169. G7 _ SRV tone
  170. Check this guys G9 patches!!!!!!!WOW
  171. clean folk string guitar sound
  172. Dani California/**** My Kiss & My Friends (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  173. SOS~~~about “Building The Church”
  174. Need a good UniVibe patch - G9
  175. G2: Joe Satriani - The forgotten Part-I
  176. g9 editor issues. pls help!!
  177. g9.2tt help!need pantera patches
  178. GFX 8 Help!
  179. Help wanted for Ventures Patch
  180. Clean,Rnb,Paul jackson jr. patch
  181. G9.2tt - Any color you like - Pink Floyd
  182. G7: Need Rhythm and Lead for DEAD! by My chemical romance
  183. G9.2tt editor
  184. REQ: Petrucci-Jaws of Life patch
  185. Request: Foo Fighters / Dave Grohl
  186. Need Distortion patch for Death Metal
  187. Patch transfer help
  188. Does the G7.1ut patches work on g9.2tt
  189. G2 Patches for Bon Jovi
  190. U2 Patch for G2
  191. Joe Satriani - Love Thing
  192. Setting Pedals
  193. Request: Gov't Mule and Son Volt
  194. Doom metal patch request
  195. Chevelle patch???
  196. Sound of "Suspended Animation" Album
  197. G9: Patches from Random Patch Generator
  198. Delirious?-Patch
  199. eagles patches wanted
  200. Wanted: G7 Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang Patch
  201. My attempt at Brian May Last Horizon patch
  202. steve morse
  203. Try this patch for G7.1ut
  204. Need Patch For Linkin Park
  205. LOOKING FOR U2 Elevation G7.1ut Patch
  206. In need of a good, thick, metal patch
  207. Looking for a Crushing Day patch
  208. G9 device inquiry timeouted
  209. G7 Patch blank
  210. Zoom_G1/G1X_Patches
  211. G7: Need Cinderella/Gypsy road patch
  212. Mysterious Ways and The Fly Patch for G7.1ut
  213. Black Sabbath "Into The Void"
  214. hey did u try any patch to have a sound like a KEYBOARD or PIANO???
  215. SLUDGE METAL patch for G7.1ut urgently needed (in the vein of Isis, Intronaut, Trenches, etc)
  216. Problem woth my g9... I'm about to have a nervous breakdown T_T
  217. G9.2tt with Linux - patch editing
  218. Zoom G7 Beatles Patches
  219. pedal wah patch request for audioslave
  220. Anybody got any Suicidal patches?
  221. Hi all!
  222. My First Shared Patches
  223. zoom not for metal
  224. Comfortably numb patch
  225. Could someone point me to a really sweet acoustic patch
  226. hammer to fall
  227. Spooky Clean Patch Mix
  228. Soft Strings Patch
  229. Sambora TalkBox Bon Jovi G7 / G9
  230. Various G7 Patches Clear/Funk/Blues
  231. Stevie Clean
  232. G9: Alice in chains: Man in the box patch - need help?
  233. new with a zoom gfx 8
  234. my patches G7
  235. please is anyone has patch of metal good one ?
  236. Some Slash patch???
  237. NOOB HERE.... Patch question....I SWEAR I LOOKED FOR THE ANSWER....
  238. Newbie Here! Need G9 Editor.
  239. EVH Eruption Patch Anyone?
  240. Creedence
  241. G3 Default Patches (all banks)